Learn by making.

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Session one

Session one of Dysgu trwy greu has two main objectives.

  1. To get to know the team and establish a safe place to experiment and learn
  2. Get everyone on the team set up with the tools and resources they’ll need

The make

Each session will involve a “make”, or a series of “makes”. The make will vary with each session, sometimes it will be a digital thing other times the make might be physical. But regardless of what the make is the goal will be to share these things after each session.

During the first session we’ll make:

Learning outcomes

The team and users

Tools and resources

Session resources

Manual of me

Inspired by Emily Webber’s team manual and using Cassie Robinson’s template we’ve created our own version of the ‘manual of me’.

Download the Dysgu trwy greu ‘manual of me’.