Learn by making.

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Week one

14th October 2022

Welcome to the first update from the ‘Learn by making’ team.

Building on the Digital Landscape Review we’ve been sponsored by the Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) in Wales to explore how people learn by making.

Our first week

The first week has been about establishing some solid foundations that will allow us to quickly get up and running. We’ve chosen collaboration tools that allow us to do the things we need to right now, and we’ll maintain agility to adapt those as our needs change.

We’re still shaping our work, and this will evolve as we have more conversations. But we’ve had a go at writing our initial proposition and some principles for ‘Learn by making’.

  • a safe place to learn and be creative
  • where you’ll solve problems that are relevant to your organisation
  • a hands-on approach where you’ll learn by making
  • where you’ll work in the open to share what you’ve learned and made, and to get fast feedback
  • where you’ll design for continuous ‘aha!’ moments, whether they’re mini breakthroughs or mistakes to learn from

You can read more about this on our website.

Get involved

Jamie asked on Twitter for people’s “aha moments” when it came to experiencing user centred design, agility, service design and associated ways of working. Take a look at the thread and join in the conversation!

If you’d like to get in touch drop us an email at hello@learnbymaking.wales