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Week three

28 October 2022

Dysgu trwy greu

This week we’ve been deepening our thinking about what we aim to cover in the Dysgu trwy greu (duss-gi true-ih grey), Learn by making, sessions. We’ve an idea of themes we’d like to cover over the four week period and some of the activities we’d like to run. There is still plenty of work to be done to figure out what it’ll take to run these sessions but we’re documenting our thinking as we go on the Dysgu trwy greu website.

A diagram showing our early thoughts of the week by week themes and activities

Bringing Welsh language into the design process

One of the challenges that we’re keen to explore is how we can bring Welsh language into the design process early on, rather than bolting on a translation at the end. It’s not simple, and we’re not entirely sure how to do this in practice, but we’ve brought in Alaw John to help us think about this as we’re planning the Dysgu trwy greu sessions.

Tools to help us experiment

We know that during the Dysgu trwy greu sessions we want people to be making and publishing things. To help with this, we’ve created a template project site. Participants will be able to use this to build a website that is hosted on GitHub where they can add updates to share their progress and what they are learning. We hope that this will get people used to working in the open.

We have also been looking at prototyping toolkits that can make it easier for everyone to get involved. As a part of this Colm has been experimenting with different places that we could host prototypes. Here’s his blog post on using Render as an alternative to Heroku.

Get involved

All our code is available on GitHub.

If you’d like to get in touch drop us an email at hello@learnbymaking.wales