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Week four

4 November 2022

Dysgu trwy greu

We’re excited to announce that for the first Dysgu trwy greu sessions we’ll be working with Natural Resources Wales (NRW). This week we’ve been meeting with the team at NRW to understand a bit more about what they’d like to get from the experience and we’ll be tweaking some of the sessions to better meet their needs.

Learning from others

We’ve spoken to some inspiring people who run similar hands-on learning initiatives. Kathryn Grace who runs Service Jams shared loads of practical advice on how to facilitate and make things fun, which really helped bring things to life for us. Annette Joseph from Diverse and Equal shared some wonderful advice about how to nurture empathy and physiological safety within a bootcamp environment. And Sharon Dale and James Cattell shared so much good stuff it’s hard to list it all here, but thank you. Hearing how others do things really helps grow our understanding and confidence about how people learn by making.

Reskinning the prototype toolkit

In last week’s update we mentioned that we were exploring different toolkits that could help us when it came to prototyping. For now at least, we’ve decided to use the GOV.UK prototype kit. The main reasons for this are that it’s well documented, has fairly extensive templates and importantly the design components are well tested and understood. We’re confident that this will give us lots of options when it comes to experimenting with prototypes.

A concern that we had with using the GOV.UK prototyping toolkit was that it has quite a distinct look and feel to it, and that we might want something that looks less like GOV.UK. To help with this we’ve applied a subtle reskin – it’s something that we may take further over the next 8 weeks but for now gives us something that looks a little different while still benefitting from all the features of the original toolkit.

A screen grab of the reskinned prototyping toolkit

Our first blog post

Alongside the weekly updates we’ll be writing blog posts to help us document and share what we’re learning. Our first post gives an introduction to Dysgu trwy greu.

Get involved

All our code is available on GitHub.

If you’d like to get in touch or you’d like to get updates by email, drop us a message at hello@learnbymaking.wales