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Week six

18 November 2022

This week we’ve been busy preparing for the first two Dysgu trwy greu sessions that are taking place in Cardiff next week. There’s always more things that we could do, but it feels as though we’re in good shape and we’re excited to meet the team in person and put what we’ve been preparing into practice.

A photo of some user needs that we’ll be using during session 2

Some special guests

An idea we had for some of the sessions was to bring in expert speakers who could share some of their experiences and help us bring to life different aspects of building digital products and services.

We’re excited to announce that we have our first two guest speakers lined up.

Alistair Duggin is going to be joining us for one of the sessions to talk about the importance of accessibility and how everyone in the team, regardless of their role, have a part to play in ensuring what is built can be used by everyone.

We’ll also be joined by Richard Pope. Richard was a part of the founding team at the UK Government Digital Service and they are sharing with us their vast experience in building digital services across government.

We’ll announce a few other guest speakers over the next week or two!

Sharing the things!

For each of the sessions we’ve been preparing various handouts, templates and guides that we hope will be useful. We’ve added a resources section to the website where you can view and download everything. To start with we’ve added a simple guide to markdown, the beginnings of an introduction to Git and the start of a reading list but we’ll be sure to add more as we go.

If there is anything that you think would be useful to add to the guides or other material you’re welcome to contribute over on GitHub or drop us an email.

Get involved

All our code is available on GitHub.

If you’d like to get in touch or you’d like to get updates by email, drop us a message at hello@learnbymaking.wales